Do any of these describe you?

  • You’re ready to take things up a notch in your business (and life)
  • You’re fed up living the way you’ve been working and playing
  • You’re ready to have a business life that supports your overall life vision
  • Enough is enough – you know you’re capable of more and are ready to make it happen
  • You’re ready to be held accountable to do what’s necessary and achieve your goals
  • You’re ready, WILLING and able to: Serve More. Earn More. Enjoy More!
  • You are ready to create BOLD STRATEGY. BIG RESULTS.

Dana is a results driven success coach. She’ll work with you to gain clarity on what your business needs. She’ll strategize with you on how you can make this happen. Outlining which areas need the most attention to have the biggest impact.  She’ll create a custom plan with you, based on what it is you want and need, and support you along the way, modifying the plan as needed. If this is what you are looking for, take action now and click on the appropriate link below.

VIP COACHING: Contact Dana directly about a VIP package to get you exactly where you want to be in 2017.  CONTACT DANA

PRIVATE 1-on-1 COACHING: Dana works with a small group of individuals each year on a 1-on-1 basis with a customized coaching program catered to your unique needs and goals.  APPLY HERE

GROUP COACHINGDana works with a select group of individuals each year through a results oriented group coaching program catered to provide an environment to create a custom GPS (ROADMAP) for your business allowing you and your team to set and achieve your professional goals. APPLY HERE