About Dana

Dana Earhart Litif brings over 20 years experience in the corporate consulting arena. She has successfully mentored hundreds for a variety of leadership positions. Dana has been recognized for her leadership and ability in marketing, operations, fundraising, client cultivation, recruiting and team building, including being awarded the Sales Person of the Year.


Today she helps small business owners and leaders grow their business by streamlining and simplifying with systems, structure, and strategy.  This provides a customized executable plan, improved efficiency and the ability to grow revenues (doubling or tripling) without jeopardizing quality of services delivered or quality of life.

In essence she becomes another set of eyes and a sounding board for the operations of their business, so the owners can focus on their area of expertise as the visionaries of the business.

One of her life passions continues to be personal growth and development. She believes all business owners and leaders must continue to grow themselves in order to grow their teams, their clients and their revenue. As a result of their growth, their company will grow.  She believes it is through growth and continual action that the real results we crave for our lives are created. She empowers others to do just this – Grow, Take Action, Create the Results you crave and live the life you want.

It is possible to Serve More. Earn More. Enjoy More! and she will show you how.

Dana has completed 5 levels of leadership courses with PSI Seminars, an international personal development and leadership organization. She returned as a volunteer for 3 of the levels. A graduate of King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in both Marketing and Business Administration.

After years of living in the Mid-West and in the East, Dana moved to Henderson, Nevada over 15 years ago.