Stop Struggling: That’s Not What You Went Into Business For, Is It?

As business owners we typically launch our business out of a passion; a passion to serve others in a particular area and as a side vision for our own life, our goal is to create freedom – time freedom and financial freedom.

Solid reasons to become a business owner, yet so often the desire to serve others takes hold at the expense of time and financial freedom without streamlined systems and processes to keep your business running efficiently.

There is so much to do, you are literally building and maintaining your business on the go, focused on serving others and bringing in enough revenue to pay the bills and feed your family.

Your day is filled from morning to night trying to figure where you should focus for the day and or focusing in so many directions, putting out fires, keeping things afloat, that the very things that can make your life easier in the long run, are put on the back burner in an attempt to simply survive your day and keep your existing clients.

This is not what you had envisioned for yourself.

You know there is a better way.

You know your clients deserve better.

You know your family deserves better.

You know you deserve better.

You’ve become the “cliche” spending all the time “IN” your business you don’t think you have time to work “ON” your business.

You are tired, frustrated, exhausted, stuck, overwhelmed or simply wondering, how do I grow this and create what I know it can be?

The question to answer is, what proactive action are you taking today to start creating the true vision you had for your business, for your clients, for your family and for you?

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I’m committed to bring you Bold Strategy and Big Results meaning you Close More Sales, Grow Your Team, Make More Money and Enjoy More Life!  Find out how today…

~ Dana

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Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, just harness your power to your passion.  ~ Oprah Winfrey


3 Reasons Why You Need To Focus On Personal Growth in Your Business

Personal Growth

I want to start today’s post off with an exercise.  Repeat after me:

The most important asset I have is myself.

Now I want you to say that again, this time out loud.

The most important asset I have is myself.

To truly understand the magnitude of that statement you need to know why.

In my blog post, Why You Should Always Come First, I detail the significance of making yourself priority number one.  Now I’m going to explain how that self-devotion will lead to business growth.

No one else on this planet is in charge of your happiness or success.  This is why I work so hard with my clients to help them understand the importance of balanced living.  There is no business success without personal success.

I’ve compiled my top 3 reasons why personal growth is crucial to your business:

1.  Your Health is Your Wealth

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  A healthier you = a healthier business!

Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healthy people are more productive.  That’s not my opinion, that’s science!  There are plenty of studies out there proving this statement.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level.  The more self-awareness you have, the more apt you’ll be to setting SMART goals and achieving them.

Take care of yourself on every level and you’ll be performing at 100%.  In other words, increase your self worth, to ultimately increase your net worth.  Investing in yourself includes everything from adopting a healthy diet/exercise to meditation or reading an industry-specific book.

2.  Personal Growth Skills are Leadership Skills

In order to reach and achieve your business/professional goals you need to be a leader.  And someone who knows how to take care of others, most definitely knows how to take care of themselves.

Personal growth programs are becoming very popular at companies.  Google, for example, launched a very successful one several years ago.  Employees reported being much happier after completing the course and thus more apt to work harder.

Investing in the well being of your teammates and employees shows them that you value their health and happiness.  And satisfied employees want to make their “leader” happy.  A great leader will lead to better business growth and development.

3. You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Face it, there will always be the complainers, the naysayers, the negative Nancies, Debbie downers, if you will.  They’re just a fact of life.  So instead of worrying about changing their minds, or making them happy, focus on making YOU happy.

If you flip this way of thinking and concern yourself with your own well-being and happiness, you’ll be able to better concentrate on your goals and future plans.  The bottom-line is, if you are not intentionally focused on growing you, how in the world do you believe your business will grow?

Personally I greet each day with this goal in mind: I want to be better today than I was yesterday and tomorrow I’ll strive to be better then today.

Now the question of the hour… do you take the time to grow yourself?  I want to know how you improve you.  If you don’t know where to start when it comes to personal growth, then let’s set up a complimentary Strategy Call.

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,



How to Make an Additional $30K per Month by Selling More with Integrity and Ease…

Making more money is great, but having more dollars sitting in some bank account doesn’t really get you anything.  If you’re like most people, what you really want is the vast amount of choices that come with an additional $5k, $10K, and even $30,000 per month in sales?

Imagine having the FREEDOM to DO and GO where you want with who you want?  Vacations, spending more time with people you care about, and LESS STRESS!

If you’re interested, here is how you can do it…

AM Williams PicMy name is A.M. Williams and in my late twenties I was diagnosed with a condition of incomplete paraplegia.

As you can imagine, it was an extremely scary time filled with mountains of uncertainty about the future.  Not only did I lose the ability to walk, but I was forced into dealing with everyday life in ways I’d never experienced before.

Luckily, I met a young wise businesswoman by the name of Cecilia Swonzik who also had the same condition of paraplegia.

Cecilia was a witty, brown hair, blue-eyed veteran of adversity. She had what you would call an extremely optimistic perspective on life I didn’t have.

Continue to struggle or try something different?

One day I was telling her how much I looked forward to getting back on my feet and being “normal”.  That’s when she interrupted me and said to me in her usual assertive tone:

“Walking? What the hell is that A.M.? ANYONE can walk across the room and get a glass of water. 

Who you ARE is more valuable than WALKING, but you just can’t see it. 

You’re too focused on being like everybody else, so you can “fit in.”

The minute you realize you’re capable of PRODUCING VALUE for people by applying YOUR unique talents to solving their unique problems, you’ll see a path to get the financial results you’re looking for.”

I thought to myself WOW…Are you trying to “fit” in the same sales role as everyone else and coming up SHORT every month?

Imagine how your business would change by focusing on …

From that day forward, I made it my BUSINESS to embrace where I was, and embrace I wasn’t “normal” like everyone else. I began to stop comparing myself and instead used that energy to focus on what unique talents I ALREADY possessed…

adding value…And how I could use them to communicate and ADD VALUE to my prospects and clients.

This is when my world COMPLETELY shifted. My body didn’t change but my perspective DID and so did my BANK ACCOUNT.

Since then this lesson has led to SO many profitable business relationships and a VERY lucrative career in sales.  In my fifteen years as an entrepreneur, I have done some pretty amazing things with VERY LITTLE.

And that, my friend, has been the gift.  Because it’s been in the “little,” that I discovered the vast amount of value I was able to provide to the world.

The good news is success is A LOT CLOSER than you may think!

You see, I made it a mission to MASTER communicating with my prospects, clients, and large companies from a place of value.

Value THEY understand.

When you understand what you’re able to do BEST in the world, and apply those natural talents to solving your prospects BIGGEST problems…

…Then you CAN’T stop the money from coming in.

BUT when you learn to COMMUNICATE the outcomes your prospects are looking for instead of what it is you DO for them…

…Well, that’s when you’re providing DUMP TRUCK loads of VALUE and your sales SKYROCKET.

If you’re tired of struggling with increasing your monthly sales this is the time to turn it around, it’s time to MASTER communicating from a place of VALUE…

You don’t have to do it alone!

Download my Values Based Selling System Cheat Sheet by A.M. Williams below to start turning your struggles into sales today.

Inside my complimentary cheat sheet, you’ll discover 3 steps to increasing your sales with integrity and ease.

Add in my Value Based Selling System to what you’ve already got or are already doing and it’s not unusual for my clients to see $30k in sales in 90 days of time…without adding complexity, frustration, or anxiety. Heck, you don’t even need legs to do it!

Value Based Selling Blog Click HereAbout the Author:

Coach A.M. Williams specializes in helping top-tier business leaders, self-employed business owners, and sales people maximize their value to overcome sales challenges and significantly improve their sales.  Having been diagnosed incomplete paraplegic in 2000, A.M. has discovered the gift of challenges, and has been relentless at fulfilling his unlimited potential in business and in life by mastering the art of communicating value.  Today, as a Value Communications expert, Coach A.M. trains, coaches, and mentors top-tier business leaders and sales teams within the competencies and benefits of value-based selling, value-based leadership, and value-based self- image.

6 Books to Help Explode Your Business in 2016

6 books for 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… a better you makes for a better business.  I’m a firm believer that personal growth is the first step toward business growth.  In fact, I will go so far as to say if your business is stagnant, hit a plateau, stuck in the same place it was 6, 12, 18 months  ago – I guarantee you – the leader of the organization – has stopped intentionally growing you. PERIOD.

If you want to ensure your business continues to grow, you need to intentionally be growing you both personally and professionally.

To help you kick off 2016 with a bang, here’s my list of the top 6 books to grow your business and yourself!

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

Want to know what it takes to be a true leader?  Simon Sinek can help with that.  He says all the great ones had one thing in common, they asked why.  The premise of this book is that if you define “your why” then you can share that why to inspire and lead others.  Your why must be strong enough to propel you and keep you motivated through the challenges that will arise – and challenges will arise in and out of the office.

If you’ve ever struggled with the why of all that you do Sinek can help you discover the answer.  This book is a definite game-changer.

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell

This is actually John’s 3rd book in the Laws series (following the 2-million seller The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and the million seller The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork).  In this book he shares everything he has learned about developing yourself so that you have the best chance of becoming the person you were created to be.

This is a book I literally have delivered to the doorstep of each and every client I work one-on-one with.  Why do I start with this one?  Because I believe if you create a foundation of leading yourself to the best of your abilities first, leading others and creating an environment for incredible teamwork, become a more natural next step (or rather next layer to your foundation).

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

A true classic when it comes to self-help books.  It was first published in 1937 at the height of the Great Depression.  All these decades later and Hill’s book is still one of the bestselling books of all time.  The author studied 40 millionaires, trying to learn the ins and outs, whys and hows of their successes.  The heart of his book revolves around 13 principles of personal achievement.  And while it’s nearly 80-years-old, Think and Grow Rich is still extremely relevant.

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion  by Gary Vaynerchuk

Inspirational and autobiographical.  Vaynerchuk will teach you how to brand yourself no matter what your passion is, create great content, how to distribute the content and succeed overall in this digital age.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the social media channels out there and how to use them advantageously in your business?  Then get your hands on this book, it’s a must-read.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change  by Stephen R. Covey

This book takes a good hard look at the true importance of character and ethics.  Covey believes in order to have success a person must be willing to align one’s life with certain core universal principles.

One of his most influential principles is that concerning time management.  He wrote, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”   Who couldn’t use a lesson in better time management?!

And after all, if you are not leading YOUR priorities, have no doubt that you will be led by someone’s priorities.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

From the grandfather of self-improvement.  Carnegie’s classic book was first published in 1936 and much like Napolean Hill’s remains a best-seller today.  The main gist of Carnegie’s idea is that “the person who has technical knowledge plus the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people — that person is headed for higher earning power.”

When asked about his philosophy, Carnegie said, “The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus.”

There you have it, some of the must-reads for 2016.  I promise you these books will have you feeling more inspired, motivated and excited about your business.

What are some of your favorite books that have helped to shape your business?

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success, Dana

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Why Giving Back is Crucial to Your Business

giving backIt’s the season of giving that’s for sure.  And while it may seem overwhelming by the sheer number of donations you’re asked for, the act of giving back is key to growing a successful business.

Why’s that you may be asking?  Well here are three reasons how giving back is crucial for any business, large or small.

1. Networking in the Community

Having some sort of philanthropy program or effort gets your name out into the community.  You won’t simply be associated with your business, your peers will have respect for you as a productive and helpful member of the local community too.

Organizing small volunteer events will put your business in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of positive people (and potential customers or clients).  In fact, these types of events can often times be more beneficial and (cost-effective) than traditional marketing.

2. Build Stronger Relationships

In this digital age of Facebook posts, Tweets, and Periscoping, charitable giving helps to round out your customer engagement efforts.  It humanizes your business, and allows you to connect on a deeper, more emotional level with people.  And, we all know people buy from those they know, like and trust.

If there is a particular cause or organization that aligns with your beliefs and company core values, develop a partnership with those.  It helps emphasize what your brand is all about.  These connections also help lead to positive relations with community leaders and influencers.

Internally you’ll see a development of camaraderie within your company.  Team members involved with volunteering tend to build stronger relationships.

3. Increase Productivity

Did you know people who give back and volunteer are generally happier and healthier?  It’s true!  What does this mean for your business?  It correlates to fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Large budgets are not necessary for starting a philanthropic or volunteer program within your company.  A little ingenuity and creativity are all it takes to kickstart a wonderful act of charity.

As a side note, some of you know that prior to launching my own business, I spent about 15 years as a fundraising consultant to 501(c)3/ non-profit organizations across the country and in London.  Supporting incredible missions and organizations is part of my DNA and has been a big part of my life since I was a senior in college.

If you need a little inspiration or want to brainstorm potential fits for you, let’s hop on a complimentary Strategy Call today!

In the meantime, what do you and your business do to give back to the community?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success, Dana


5 Ways Gratitude Can Increase Your Business

attitude of gratitude

We’re coming up on the busiest time of year… between holiday shopping and tying up end-of-year business, all of our plates are full.

I want to take this time however to remind you to stop and give thanks.  Not just in the traditional sense, rather to really sit down and take a moment to think about all of those who have made 2015 what it is for you.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~ William Arthur Ward

There’s no better time than the season of giving to do this since it’s at the top of most people’s minds.  Plus, having an attitude of gratitude is good for the soul, as well as your business.

By now you know my motto:  Serve More. Earn More. Enjoy More!, and gratitude can help you better achieve all three of those things!  Here are five ways your  business can grow by simply showing a little thankfulness.

1. Personal Appreciation

A small handwritten thank you note can go a long way.  In this day of “shoot from the hip” text messages or emails, a personalized piece of snail mail is such a nice touch.  I’m sure you could even name the last person who sent you a written card/note.  Throw in a gift card or coupon for your services and you’re doing even better!

It leaves a wonderful lasting impression of thoughtfulness and creates loyalty.  The cost of stationary and stamps will prove to be minuscule when you see an increase in your profits and repeat business from satisfied customers/clients.

2. Bookend Your Thanks

This is a wonderful habit to get into.  Start and end each conversation, meeting, event by showing your gratitude.  Thank the person or group for their time, expertise, purchase (whatever the case may be) and end with another round of thanks.

This even goes for complaints, acknowledge them and thank the person for bringing the particular issue to your attention so that you have the opportunity to prevent it from happening again in the future.  Turn a negative into a positive with your gratitude; in the end this could prevent you from having larger problems and shows the person your true professionalism.

“Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it grows and the more power you have to use it on your behalf.  If you do not practice gratefulness, its benefaction will go unnoticed, and your capacity to draw on its gifts will be diminished.  To be grateful is to find blessings in everything.  This is the most powerful attitude to adopt, for there are blessings in everything.” ~Alan Cohen

3. Pay It Forward

Be the conductor of the good karma train by showing your appreciation and others will follow suit.  I absolutely love the “Pay it Forward” mentality, and only wish more people adopted this thinking.

When others see your gratitude, compassion, humility, and expression of thanks, they will be inspired to do the same.  Then you’ll be top of mind to them, and when they (or someone they know) are in need of your products/services who are they going to call?  The conductor of that feel good karma train, YOU, that’s who!

4. Walk the Talk

Show your true leadership skills by giving thanks to those who help you on a daily basis, your team members, friends, family, clients and fellow colleagues.  By encouraging them and showing your humble gratitude for all they do, you’ll see an increase in performance and loyalty (retention).

Because, who doesn’t want to work for and with someone who is thankful and happy with their work?!  This will in turn inspire them to do number four on our list… pay it forward.

5. Live with Intention

This is something I write about a lot on my blog and that’s because of its overall importance in your personal and business life.  Living with intention is essentially a lifestyle of gratefulness, being of service and focus.

If you concentrate on the things you do not have, than how can you expect to attract the things you want?  Be happy and thankful for what you have and you’ll be living a happier more fulfilled life.  And when you’re happier you are able to connect better with others and create lasting relationships, both personally and in business.

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions.  The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.” ~Zig Ziglar

What are you thankful for in your business?  Shout it out in the comments below.

To Your Continued and Ever Growing Success,


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Why Networking is Necessary to Build Your Business

I’m a big proponent of networking.  Not only is it a fabulous way to meet like-minded business owners like yourself, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to receive quality leads and referrals.

The key to success in any networking group is easy: commitment.  Be an active, professional, engaging member that contributes to and respects your fellow networkers by supporting them.

Sound familiar does it?

It should because just like in business (or sales), networking all comes down to relationship building (in July I wrote about cultivating quality relationships, be sure to check it out).  Everyone knows we want to do business with people we know, like and trust, so what better way to attract new clients than from people you ALREADY know, like and trust?!

With all of the options out there how do you decide which networking group you should join?

Well, start by asking yourself a few questions…

  1. What do I want to accomplish by joining a networking group?
  2. Am I willing to refer other business owners to my family/friends?
  3. Do I have the time to commit to this group?
  4. Do the members of a prospective group align with your values and beliefs?

A few mistakes I’ve noticed at some of the groups I’m familiar with…

  1. People don’t view the meetings as a commitment.  If you want to see results (gain leads/referrals/do business) you need to put the time in!  Just like any other business meeting, put your weekly, monthly, whatever the frequency, networking group on the calendar.
  2. Taking calls and checking their phone constantly throughout the meeting.  Would you rudely pull up your email or text messages in front of a client during a scheduled meeting?  No way!  So don’t do it when you’re amongst your peers, it’s just being a good professional. As my mentor says (she wrote a book with this title), “They Way You Do Anything, Is the Way You Do Everything”.  Realize that how you show up at networking meetings is a direct reflection of how you show up elsewhere, including with referrals.
  3. Don’t be a lame referral source.  Some newbies join and are all hyped up and excited to do business so they write up leads for everyone and their brother.  Only those leads are dead ends.  Make sure you leads are genuine business opportunities for someone and the person you write down on the form is actually expecting a phone call.

In the end, networking and the act of giving out referrals to those trusted professionals you’ve cultivated relationships with is just good business karma. You are creating a win/win/win for your network, the business owner receiving the lead and yourself as being a great connector.

What you get out of a networking group is typically in direct proportion to what you give.  Just remember to give in the spirit of giving, not giving to get.

Have you had success with networking groups?  Do you think they are worth the time and efforts?

In the meantime let’s chat!  Sign up for a complimentary Strategy Call and let’s get you grounded and ready for your best year yet in 2016!

To Your Continued and Ever Growing Success,


10 Ways to Stay Motivated During Trying Times

Staying Motivated

Purposefully infuse your life with a positive perspective and

motivation will never be in short supply.

When times are tough however, becoming discouraged is very easy to do.

I truly believe the old adage, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  I know how hard it can be to keep your head up at times, so I’ve compiled ten ways to stay motivated when things just don’t seem to be going your way.

1.  Take control over what you can and…

…stop worrying about and let go of what you can’t!  It’s so very easy to get caught up in those things that are out of your hands.  Learn to recognize the difference and get over the things you have no say over.  There’s no sense in dwelling on what you can’t change!  Devote your intentions and attention to more purposeful actions that will truly make a difference.

2.  Surround yourself with positivity

Negative people will only serve to bring you down.  Seek out the positive-thinkers who focus on the good and allow their positivity to influence you.  This will ensure a “can-do” attitude through trying times when you’re more apt to be pulled into thinking negatively.

3.  Speak positive affirmations

The most important asset I have is myself.  In an earlier blog post I asked you to repeat that affirmation.  Words can move mountains, so make sure you’re using the right ones.  Many experts, and I agree with them, say the act of talking out loud is helpful in reminding ourselves of the vision we have for our life and all the goals included in that vision.  Write down a positive affirmation and tape it up next to your bathroom mirror.  When you’re getting ready in the morning, repeat it out loud and start your day off on a positive note.

4.  Learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them

Mistakes are bound to be made.  If you see the error in your ways, GREAT!  That means you are learning and know what not to do the next time.  More importantly, don’t dwell on the negative, keep moving forward.

5.  Have a plan

Being proactive can save you precious time and even heartache when trying times find their way into your life.  When you take the time to plan, you’ve already done the hard part for yourself by organizing a process from beginning to end.  So if something turns up expectedly, you can problem solve more quickly.

6.  Celebrate milestones big and small

Did you…. land a large client?  Graduate with your Masters?  Drink eight glasses of water today?  No matter how large or small some accomplishments may seem, they are accomplishments nonetheless.  Take the time to pat yourself on the back for all of them!  This self-appreciation helps keep your motivation level sky high.

I go so far as to have my clients write down at the end of each day at least 3 things they can celebrate that they accomplished and/or created that day.  So often we are more focused on what we didn’t get accomplished, that we forget how important it is to celebrate and focus on what we did accomplish.  Action goes when energy flow – if you focus on the what didn’t happen, you’ll create more of what “didn’t happen”, focus on what you did accomplish and create, and you’ll soon be creating even more to celebrate!

7.  Build a support team

We get by with a little help from our friends (family and coworkers) right?  So use them to lean on when unexpected storm clouds roll in.  Not only will their advice propel you toward resolution, the companionship will be a great reminder that you’re not alone.

8.  Recount past victories

You’ve come along way baby, so remind yourself of that.  Back in the day you dreamed about being where you’re at this very moment.  Go back and look at any trophies, certificates or congratulatory items.  By recalling those victories you’ll spark a new sense of motivation you may have thought was temporarily lost.

9.  Expect greatness

This ties in with affirmations AND takes things to the next level.  Wake up and expect to have a great day.  Say it out loud,”Today something wonderful is going to happen to me!”  You will get what you expect.

10.  Fill your mind with inspiring information

Read or listen to anything you find makes you happy.  A boost in energy will give you the motivation to continue on your path even when times are tough.

What tips do you have for others when motivation seems to be fading?  Shout it out in the comments below!

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,


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Thought Provoking Tuesday: Are You Making Good Impressions?


Good Impression

Today’s edition of Thought Provoking Tuesday is a great exercise to gauge how others perceive you.

While you may think you make great impressions, is that really the case?  We’ve all heard just how important that initial meeting and experience can be in business.  The truth is, impressions continue to made each time you “show up”, be that in-person, on the phone, in emails and now days, through social media.

So here is your TPT activity:  Ask a couple people to HONESTLY describe you in three words.  This request could be via email, in person or on the phone.  Although I would highly recommend it being face-to-face since you can actually feel what the person is saying as well as experience their genuine reaction to your question.

Take those answers and ask yourself, am I making good impressions?  Are there qualities you need to work on?  You will be very surprised at the lessons you can learn from this simple, yet effective exercise.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,


If you’d like a more in depth look at ways to make several business and personal improvements, contact me here for a complimentary Strategy Call.

Thought Provoking Tuesday: Daily Motivation Exercise


TPT Morning Motivation

Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if we all woke up every single morning on the right side of the bed, ready to take the day head on?  Well that is 100% possible.  In today’s Thought Provoking Tuesday, TPT, I’m sharing some motivational wisdom.

Motivation needs to be cared for and nurtured… it takes hard work and dedication!  There are easy ways to help keep a steady flow of motivation running through your veins and it starts before your head hits the pillow each night.

Before you go to sleep each night, as my client’s can attest, I highly recommend thinking about and celebrating at least 3 things that you created or accomplished that day – big or small. (Yes for some of us it can be as small as walking around the neighborhood for 20 minutes)!

To really enforce this concept, journaling these celebrations on a daily basis is recommended. Not only does it benefit you today, it gives you something to look back on for days/week/months/years to come.

Next, in the morning, before hopping out of bed spend a few minutes thinking about at least 3 things that you are grateful for in your life (business and otherwise).

Positivity breeds more positivity… if you let it!

Then think about what you want to accomplish today!  What specifically do you want to be celebrating tonight, that you created or accomplished today?  This is a way to really empower you to create the day you want to create.  During this quick, self-motivational session make sure to speak positively to yourself.  This is a perfect way to set the right tone for your day and gives you the positive energy to achieve those daily goals and intentions you set in motion.

You know what’s coming now, right? … your homework.  Starting tonight I want you to put these easy tips to good use.  Allow yourself to feed upon the evening and morning motivation and go after the rest of the day with clarity, confidence and tenacity!

Try it and let me know how it goes.  Or if you have a tried and true method for getting motivated each day share that with me below!

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,


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