3 Reasons Why You Need To Focus On Personal Growth in Your Business

Personal Growth

I want to start today’s post off with an exercise.  Repeat after me:

The most important asset I have is myself.

Now I want you to say that again, this time out loud.

The most important asset I have is myself.

To truly understand the magnitude of that statement you need to know why.

In my blog post, Why You Should Always Come First, I detail the significance of making yourself priority number one.  Now I’m going to explain how that self-devotion will lead to business growth.

No one else on this planet is in charge of your happiness or success.  This is why I work so hard with my clients to help them understand the importance of balanced living.  There is no business success without personal success.

I’ve compiled my top 3 reasons why personal growth is crucial to your business:

1.  Your Health is Your Wealth

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  A healthier you = a healthier business!

Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healthy people are more productive.  That’s not my opinion, that’s science!  There are plenty of studies out there proving this statement.

Get to know yourself on a deeper level.  The more self-awareness you have, the more apt you’ll be to setting SMART goals and achieving them.

Take care of yourself on every level and you’ll be performing at 100%.  In other words, increase your self worth, to ultimately increase your net worth.  Investing in yourself includes everything from adopting a healthy diet/exercise to meditation or reading an industry-specific book.

2.  Personal Growth Skills are Leadership Skills

In order to reach and achieve your business/professional goals you need to be a leader.  And someone who knows how to take care of others, most definitely knows how to take care of themselves.

Personal growth programs are becoming very popular at companies.  Google, for example, launched a very successful one several years ago.  Employees reported being much happier after completing the course and thus more apt to work harder.

Investing in the well being of your teammates and employees shows them that you value their health and happiness.  And satisfied employees want to make their “leader” happy.  A great leader will lead to better business growth and development.

3. You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

Face it, there will always be the complainers, the naysayers, the negative Nancies, Debbie downers, if you will.  They’re just a fact of life.  So instead of worrying about changing their minds, or making them happy, focus on making YOU happy.

If you flip this way of thinking and concern yourself with your own well-being and happiness, you’ll be able to better concentrate on your goals and future plans.  The bottom-line is, if you are not intentionally focused on growing you, how in the world do you believe your business will grow?

Personally I greet each day with this goal in mind: I want to be better today than I was yesterday and tomorrow I’ll strive to be better then today.

Now the question of the hour… do you take the time to grow yourself?  I want to know how you improve you.  If you don’t know where to start when it comes to personal growth, then let’s set up a complimentary Strategy Call.

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,



6 Books to Help Explode Your Business in 2016

6 books for 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… a better you makes for a better business.  I’m a firm believer that personal growth is the first step toward business growth.  In fact, I will go so far as to say if your business is stagnant, hit a plateau, stuck in the same place it was 6, 12, 18 months  ago – I guarantee you – the leader of the organization – has stopped intentionally growing you. PERIOD.

If you want to ensure your business continues to grow, you need to intentionally be growing you both personally and professionally.

To help you kick off 2016 with a bang, here’s my list of the top 6 books to grow your business and yourself!

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

Want to know what it takes to be a true leader?  Simon Sinek can help with that.  He says all the great ones had one thing in common, they asked why.  The premise of this book is that if you define “your why” then you can share that why to inspire and lead others.  Your why must be strong enough to propel you and keep you motivated through the challenges that will arise – and challenges will arise in and out of the office.

If you’ve ever struggled with the why of all that you do Sinek can help you discover the answer.  This book is a definite game-changer.

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwell

This is actually John’s 3rd book in the Laws series (following the 2-million seller The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and the million seller The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork).  In this book he shares everything he has learned about developing yourself so that you have the best chance of becoming the person you were created to be.

This is a book I literally have delivered to the doorstep of each and every client I work one-on-one with.  Why do I start with this one?  Because I believe if you create a foundation of leading yourself to the best of your abilities first, leading others and creating an environment for incredible teamwork, become a more natural next step (or rather next layer to your foundation).

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

A true classic when it comes to self-help books.  It was first published in 1937 at the height of the Great Depression.  All these decades later and Hill’s book is still one of the bestselling books of all time.  The author studied 40 millionaires, trying to learn the ins and outs, whys and hows of their successes.  The heart of his book revolves around 13 principles of personal achievement.  And while it’s nearly 80-years-old, Think and Grow Rich is still extremely relevant.

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion  by Gary Vaynerchuk

Inspirational and autobiographical.  Vaynerchuk will teach you how to brand yourself no matter what your passion is, create great content, how to distribute the content and succeed overall in this digital age.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the social media channels out there and how to use them advantageously in your business?  Then get your hands on this book, it’s a must-read.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change  by Stephen R. Covey

This book takes a good hard look at the true importance of character and ethics.  Covey believes in order to have success a person must be willing to align one’s life with certain core universal principles.

One of his most influential principles is that concerning time management.  He wrote, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”   Who couldn’t use a lesson in better time management?!

And after all, if you are not leading YOUR priorities, have no doubt that you will be led by someone’s priorities.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

From the grandfather of self-improvement.  Carnegie’s classic book was first published in 1936 and much like Napolean Hill’s remains a best-seller today.  The main gist of Carnegie’s idea is that “the person who has technical knowledge plus the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people — that person is headed for higher earning power.”

When asked about his philosophy, Carnegie said, “The ideas I stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Chesterfield. I stole them from Jesus.”

There you have it, some of the must-reads for 2016.  I promise you these books will have you feeling more inspired, motivated and excited about your business.

What are some of your favorite books that have helped to shape your business?

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success, Dana

PS – If you are truly READY and WILLING to make 2016 your best year yet by maximizing your work hours so you can truly maximize your enjoyment in and out of the office, apply for a COMPLIMENTARY strategy session with me today!


Why Giving Back is Crucial to Your Business

giving backIt’s the season of giving that’s for sure.  And while it may seem overwhelming by the sheer number of donations you’re asked for, the act of giving back is key to growing a successful business.

Why’s that you may be asking?  Well here are three reasons how giving back is crucial for any business, large or small.

1. Networking in the Community

Having some sort of philanthropy program or effort gets your name out into the community.  You won’t simply be associated with your business, your peers will have respect for you as a productive and helpful member of the local community too.

Organizing small volunteer events will put your business in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of positive people (and potential customers or clients).  In fact, these types of events can often times be more beneficial and (cost-effective) than traditional marketing.

2. Build Stronger Relationships

In this digital age of Facebook posts, Tweets, and Periscoping, charitable giving helps to round out your customer engagement efforts.  It humanizes your business, and allows you to connect on a deeper, more emotional level with people.  And, we all know people buy from those they know, like and trust.

If there is a particular cause or organization that aligns with your beliefs and company core values, develop a partnership with those.  It helps emphasize what your brand is all about.  These connections also help lead to positive relations with community leaders and influencers.

Internally you’ll see a development of camaraderie within your company.  Team members involved with volunteering tend to build stronger relationships.

3. Increase Productivity

Did you know people who give back and volunteer are generally happier and healthier?  It’s true!  What does this mean for your business?  It correlates to fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Large budgets are not necessary for starting a philanthropic or volunteer program within your company.  A little ingenuity and creativity are all it takes to kickstart a wonderful act of charity.

As a side note, some of you know that prior to launching my own business, I spent about 15 years as a fundraising consultant to 501(c)3/ non-profit organizations across the country and in London.  Supporting incredible missions and organizations is part of my DNA and has been a big part of my life since I was a senior in college.

If you need a little inspiration or want to brainstorm potential fits for you, let’s hop on a complimentary Strategy Call today!

In the meantime, what do you and your business do to give back to the community?  I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success, Dana


Are You Defined by Your Title?

Are You defined by your title

What do you do for a living?

It’s a simple question most of us hear on a regular basis.  Which we reply with something like:

“I’m an account executive.”

“I’m a coach.”

“I’m a fitness instructor.”

“I’m an artist.”

“I’m a stay at home mom.”

“I’m a business owner.”

Instinctively our job titles define us as human beings.  Aren’t you more than a generic label though?  Yes, of course!

You are so much more than your profession.  Loving your career is one thing, but you should never feel restricted by who and what your title says you are.

“Examine the labels you apply to yourself.  Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross.” ~ Wayne Dyer

This goes far beyond careers as well…

“She’s a vegan.”

“He’s a teacher.”

“She’s a cancer survivor.”

For some reason we all want to slap a label on everything… preferences, characteristics, jobs/roles.  Perhaps, it makes things easier to group together and categorize.

Whatever the reason, we often allow titles and labels to corner us into thinking, “well that’s just the way things are because I’m XYZ.”  This can severely restrict your ability to make decisions.  And one cannot live an intentional life by having their choices restricted.

Coming from the corporate world, I struggled with finding my “true purpose” post career.  When my son was born, I tried taking on all the quintessential mommy/wife roles like preparing dinner and baking.  It just didn’t work for me, I DO NOT like cooking!  I’m many things, AND chef did not make the list and undoubtedly never will (I’d rather do the dishes)!

Just because I am a wife and a mother I don’t solely identify with those characteristics.  I find joy and happiness in all of the “things” that make me, me. That includes being a successful business owner, a fitness aficionado, a tennis player, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a leader, a mentor, a strategist – you get the idea, the list can go on and on for most of us.

So the next time someone asks the age old question, “What do you do?”, take a moment and craft your answer appropriately.

Hi, my name is Dana and I am a loving mommy, lover of books, hooked on learning and growing, avid gym-goer, educator of small business owners and an overall happy, healthy, optimistic woman.  How’s that for an answer?

Tag, you’re it!  What will your answer be?  Tell me in the comments below.

To Your Continued and Ever Growing Success,


P.S.  Are you allowing a title to define your life?  If so, I can help you sort through those labels.  Sign up for a complimentary Strategy Call today!

5 Ways to Define Success

define successWe’re all after one thing in life… success.  But what exactly is that?

Is success all about the big paycheck, fancy cars, giant homes, elaborate vacations, gadgets and toys?  If your answer is yes to that question, than answer me this: would you deem yourself unsuccessful if all of that money and “stuff” were taken out of the equation?

We live in a culture where wealth is synonymous with success, and if we don’t accomplish anything than we therefore cannot be called successful.

That’s simply not true, because every single person on Earth has a different definition of success.

If you want to succeed, you must first define what success is for you.

Here are five ways to define success…

1. Give ’em something to talk about

“Success is not having to describe what’s been accomplished… others do it for you.”
~ Deborah Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer of Citibank.

To many people the opinion of others is the highest form of success.  They believe if you are viewed from the outside as someone who “has it all” or are the envy of others, success is yours.

2. Balancing act

“Balance, peace and joy are the fruit of a successful life.
It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.”
~Thomas Kinkade, Artist

Some would say a truly successful person is one who has managed to find that perfect balance between work and home life.  After all this really is an enviable talent not many possess… the holy grail if you will of life.

If a job is all-consuming, with no time for family, friends, exercise, hobbies, many would deem this an unsuccessful life.

3.  Achieving goals

“The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ~John Maxwell, Author & Motivational Speaker

Success can be defined as effectiveness as well.  Are you completing projects, meeting deadlines and adding immense value to those projects on a regular basis?

Many see themselves as successful when they are consistently making things happen… their participation is integral to the final result/ultimate goal of a project or venture.

4.  Happily ever after

“Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” ~ Albert Schweitzer, Philosopher

Another popular definition of success is the joy one finds in his or her job.  Some people believe success is when your career brings a smile to your face and feeds your soul; your work adds to your overall happiness.   Do what you love and love what you do.

5. Leave a legacy

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi, Activist

What will people say about you when you’re no longer here?  Some would say success is how much good they contributed to the world.  Making a difference equals the ultimate success for many.

I believe that we’re selling ourselves short if we define success simply as monetary gain.  Success is so much more than the things we buy and fill our homes with.  The above examples are just a few of the many possible ways to look at and analyze the meaning of success.

How do you define success, what does it mean to you?  If you are ready to not only define what success means to you, you are ready to create more of it, schedule your complimentary Strategy Call with me today and let’s make it happen.

To your continued and ever growing success,


How Intention Will Bring Success To You in 2016

Intention in 2016Last week we discussed the power of intent and how it can transform your thoughts into tangible success.

Today I’m going to take things a step further and show you how to use the power of intent to finish out 2015 with a bang (and start the new year off right).  Take notes if you feel so inclined, this is going to be some great information to use over and over again!

The key to a balanced life is intention.

We already know that setting intentions will transform your life and business so let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

Who should set intentions?

Every.  Single. Person. Well, except those people who don’t want to see results or live life to its fullest potential.

When do I set intentions?

Great question!  And the answer is simple: all the time!  Before you head into a a big meeting, take calls with clients, make dinner, spend time with friends or family, whatever task you’re about to embark on.

Don’t just set intentions for your big picture dreams, use them everyday.  Nothing is too trivial, because all of those small intentions act as stepping stones toward the big important “things” in your business and overall life.

Practice makes perfect right?  So with all that warming up you’ll be an intentional machine in no time.

What do I do?

First, take a few deep breathes and ask yourself these three important questions:

  1. Who do I want to be right now in this moment?
  2. How do I want to feel?
  3. What is the perfect/ideal/most amazing outcome or result that I want?

Remember intentions are flexible and adaptable.  They are built to last, unlike a goal which is something that can be completed/finished and easily derailed by unforeseen circumstances.

Still not sold on the Power of Intent?

Using the power of intent in your business and everyday life WILL cultivate success and its scientifically proven.

The 2007 book, The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, explores the actual science behind the power of intent.  Her in-depth research clearly demonstrates an undeniable fact: thought is a thing that affects other things.  Mactaggart pulled together decades of research conducted at laboratories and universities including Princeton, MIT and Stanford.

“Intention is a directed thought, a thought aimed at something or someone with the goal of influencing something physical.  It is using your consciousness to change something in physical reality.  Intention manifests itself as electrostatic and magnetic energy.  Thoughts are ‘things’ too.”

~Lynne McTaggart, author The Intention Experiment 

I’ll leave you with this invitation to be intentional about one small thing today.  Simply shift your thinking.  Decide who you want to be, what you want to create or accomplish and how you want to feel in a situation.  Your result are in your hands – its that simple!

The little actions you take now will serve as rock solid foundations of success in 2016.

To Your Continued and Ever Growing Success,


Contact me today for a Complimentary Strategy Call and together we can plan a year full of your intentions for 2016.

5 Simple Steps to Creating A Great Mission Statement

Mission Statement

For many the Mission Statement is a thorn in their side… a necessary evil that just comes with the territory when launching a business.

We all understand the importance of a first impression and in its simplest form that’s exactly what a mission statement is. The initial opportunity for you to put your best foot forward, as it helps to define goals, ethics and overall company culture. The key is to find that balance between realism and optimism.

The last thing you want is a generic mission statement full of fluffy words that would work for any business under the sun.  So to help, I’ve broken down the daunting process into a simple 5-step plan. Simply grab a pen and paper and get to it.

1. Write down three words that describe your company.

Do you want people to associate you with words like creative, trailblazing and vibrant?  Maybe traditional, dependable and trust-worthy? If you have a slogan that may be a good place to find appropriate words.

2. Who is your dream client and ideal customer?
Define your target audience.

Just jot down the first few things that come to mind, we’ll worry about adding finesse to everything later.

3.  What sets you apart from your competitors? What makes your business special and different?

Keep this to one or two sentences. If you’re having trouble with this question, then take a fresh look at your business plan.

4. What are your aspirations, and goals for the business?

Aim high and, make it achievable. A mission statement is supposed to point you in the right direction – straight to the top of the success ladder.

5. How does the existence of your company make the lives of others better?

Sounds scarier than it actually is. You don’t have to be putting and end to world hunger to make a difference. (Providing pain relief and stress reducing massages makes the world a better, happier place!)

Now that you’ve got all these ideas down on paper, craft it all together in a couple sentences NOT paragraphs. It should take no longer than 30 seconds to read. Get your employees’ opinions on whether or not it is representative of the company’s identity and culture.

Voila, you’ve got yourself a great mission statement. Remember as you grow and prosper you will need to update the mission statement, and that’s a good thing!

Time to share that creative genius of yours and help inspire others by leaving your mission statement in the comments below!

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,


P.S.  If you’re in need of more direction, including a strategic plan for your business, contact me today to schedule your complimentary Strategy Call.

Thought Provoking Tuesday: How Do You Define Success?

Define Success

It’s that time of the week again when I ask you to contemplate a specific theme or idea related to your business.  In today’s Thought Provoking Tuesday I want you to focus on success.

How do you define success?  

Chances are many of you are apt to throw out the standard response of, “When I make $XXX per year that will mean I’m successful.”

And while that may be one way to define success… success comes in many sizes, shapes and forms.  To start with, you have your personal successes and business related successes.

It’s easy to forget about our own personal growth when we’re so focused on building a business, and paying the bills.  I tell my clients, if you don’t intentionally focus on your own personal and professional growth, how in the world do you expect your business to grow?

Growth, like success, comes in direct proportion to the time, attention and intentional awareness you put on it.  You are in the driver seat of your success – never lose sight of this.

The beauty is that we have the opportunity to redefine what it means to discover and be successful in our lives.  So instead of thinking that you’re “always chasing success”, I want you to celebrate the little victories as well.  Often times its the little victories that turn into an awesome snowball of victories that roll us right into an avalanche of success.

Today for example I was extremely successful in the personal growth department, I woke up at 5am, headed to the gym and completed a beast of a workout.  Not bad to say I’ve already created success and it’s only 7am!

What successes have you realized today? Let me know in the comments below so we can share in your joy!

To Continued and Ever-Growing Success,


P.S.  Stay tuned for Thursday’s post.  I’ll be going more in-depth about how personal growth cultivates business growth.  In the meantime, let’s connect with a complimentary Strategy Call and get you moving directly towards your own road to success!

Why Planning Is the Most Important Part of A Successful Day

Planning for success and time management

Time is a precious thing.  A scarce commodity that most of us all wish we had more of.

So how are you making the most of your time, day in and day out?  The answer should be planning.  While the idea of planning may not invoke excitement at first, it is a habit or “muscle” that should be worked out consistently on a daily basis to really reap the biggest rewards.  In this case it will result in improved efficiency, productivity and fulfillment in a day well spent.

All it takes is 20 or 30 minutes (sometimes less)… that’s it, I promise! Truth be told, the sooner this becomes a daily habit, the more efficient you’ll become, requiring less time investedI suggest planning the night before, so you wake up knowing exactly how your day will best be spent from the time you wake-up, to when your head hits the pillow.

Why Plan?

A morning planning session is your chance to:

  • Set the daily agenda and map out your time/opportunities
  • Prioritize tasks for the day
  • Keep track of progress for goals you’ve set
  • Start your day off right by being focused, organized and intentional

Where Do I Begin?

If the idea of planning out each and every day seems daunting to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  To start, set aside this time and keep it uninterrupted.  This means no phone calls, email or social media.

Keep things simple, don’t overthink your planning:

  • Pull out a piece of paper (or my Daily GPS Planner) and write down three or four intentions for the day.  Before doing anything else you MUST accomplish those tasks.
  • If you aren’t able to complete everything on your planner, DO NOT see it as a failure, instead focus on celebrating what you did create and/or accomplish.  You simply didn’t finish and are aware of what’s first on tap for the next day’s business.
  • Schedule your most demanding activities when your mental energy and focus are at it’s best; for most this will be first thing in the morning.
  • At the end of the day, reflect on how your day went, then prioritize your next day accordingly

Now for a little bit of homework, and trust that you WILL be thanking me for it later on!

Every day for the next week I want you to have a planning session.  Each night (or 1st thing in the morning if you prefer) set your daily intentions, prioritize your activity and visualize how your day will unfold.  The idea is to create a new habit that will encourage you to serve more, earn more and enjoy more!

Guess what?  Time management gets even easier for you with my Daily GPS Planner.  This customized tool will help start your day off strong with a set purpose and intentions.  Sign up to receive this, and other tips along the way, and you’ll be on the path to a more organized ( less stressful) life!

To Your Continued and Ever-Growing Success,


10 Things All Successful People Have In Common

10 Things successful people have in common

SUCCESS [suh k-ses] noun     

the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, position or fame; the correct or desired result of an attempt; the accomplishment of one’s goals


Success. We all want it, we all strive for it.

It ultimately means different things to each of us, however there are a few things all successful people have in common, traits that help them rise above the rest.

Here are 10 things I’ve discovered over the years that successful people have and we can learn to emulate:

1.  Commitment:  When successful people set a goal, nothing stops them from reaching it.  They throw 100% of their efforts into the mission and don’t stop until they’ve achieved it. (Sometimes this requires bringing in coaches, mentors and others who will hold them accountable to doing what they committed to, in order to achieve what they want.  Olympic and pro-athletes are great examples of this, and so are many CEO’s of the fortune 500.)

2.  Persistence:  Obstacles are going to arise, and successful people persist no matter what.  They have a Plan B, C, D or E if necessary.  They know how to navigate around, over or through obstacles they come across.  Successful people are doers. They take consistent action and make things happen, regardless of what they must overcome.

3.  Responsible:  No excuses allowed.  A successful person is keenly aware of the fact that they are the keeper of their own destiny; they hold the key to their future and take ownership of their mistakes or failures.  In their eyes, no one else is in charge of their success, so no one else should be held responsible.

4.  Motivated:  They want others to succeed, as much, if not more then they want it for themselves. They encourage, give compliments and focus on keeping bridges mended versus burning them. Success is contagious.  Reality shows us again and again, if you want to be successful spend your time around successful people, they’ll motivate you to be your best day after day.

5.  Knowledgeable:  Professional and personal growth is absolutely crucial to success. Successful people include reading (or listening to) books as part of their daily habits. They follow other leaders, they attend workshops, conferences and even challenge themselves to study new or different philosophies. The learning never stops for those that create continual success.  Learning helps them stay on top of their game, encourages curiosity and leads to increased productivity. Knowledge is power; power of ones ability to create new levels of success.

I believe you must continually be growing yourself.  Without your continual growth, how in the world do you think your staff, clients or business will grow in the direction you want them to?

6.  Communicators:  Connecting with like-minded people can do wonders for your business and personal life.  Successful people aren’t afraid to ask questions, or for help and often tap into their networks.  They are great at continually cultivating relationships.  Successful people understand that without relationships, business will not exist; and the better one communicates and builds relationships with their team, vendors and clients, the stronger ones business will be.

7.  Care of Self:  Successful people know that scheduling time for prayer, meditation, relaxation,vacations and other activities that bring you happiness will refresh your mind and body on a regular basis is an absolute must.  Proper nutrition, daily exercise and consistent sleep each night is also crucial to being able to bring the best version of yourself to all you come in contact with on a daily basis.  Good nutrition + healthy body + a relaxed, sharp mind = optimum productivity. 

8.  Confident:  Arguably one of the most important and difficult traits to master on a continual basis. Believing in one’s self and vision is a necessity and no one does it better than a successful person.  Don’t confuse their confidence with arrogance.

9.  Consistent Habits:  We all know the old adage, “The early bird catches the worm.”  This is absolutely true for the most successful leaders of our time.  They wake early and often spend at least 60 minutes practicing disciplined habits such as meditation, prayer, reading, exercise, writing in their gratitude journal and preparing for the successful day ahead.  Success does not come by chance, it comes through consistent dedication, commitment and habits.  I personally love the line, “Overnight success is a lifetime in the making.”

10.  Leaders:  The know that being a leader starts with how we lead ourselves.  Are we walking our talk, or simply talking our talk.  On a daily basis are consciously and intentionally choosing to bring the best version of our self to our day – to the people and projects we come in contact with.  I believe before we can truly lead others, we must first be sure we are leading ourselves to be our best.  Being a leader is not just an outward spoken act, it is also a physical act.

The truth is everyday each of us have an opportunity to lead others to be do the right thing, be the best “them” and we do this through our spoken word, our written word and some would say, most importantly, we do this through our daily actions. The saying “when you’re in the forest, you’re not able to see the trees”, is a great analogy for our lives as well. Continually leading yourself to be a leader will often include hiring a mentor to be that second set of eyes, to help us uncover our blind spots which in-turn can quickly strengthen our ability to lead.

Now I’d like to know what your definition of success is and what you think the most important quality is for attaining it.  Leave a comment below and help inspire others.

To your continued and ever-growing success!  ~ Dana