Trying to find my “path” for success and growth in my personal life and career, I took random workshops and bought lots of self-help books, but ultimately ended up doing the same things over and over getting the same unfulfilling results. Since I started working with Dana, my business sales and life have changed completely and my income has doubled in six months. Because of the systems, structure and strategies, I have got more clients, more business and more money coming in.

Dana has a combination of talents you won’t find anywhere else: a charismatic natural leader and marketing/business guru. Who else can read exactly what’s going on in your mind (even when you can’t), shoves you into your uncomfortable zone and then teaches you in a “how to” action plan?

There are a gazillion “life coaches” and “business gurus” out there, but none of them as passionate about growth, as gifted in awareness or as Blessed as Dana. She is helping me create the vision I have for my life!

Deanna J Johnson, Realtor Simply Vegas Real Estate

michael ortiz

I’ve been working with her since December 2014. Last year was the first year I had other people working with me. My revenue was all over the place; up one month down the next. Since January this year, it has only been up. Every month outperforming what we did the month before. It’s been 6 consecutive months in a row increasing results over the month prior, and 4 months in a row that more than doubled what we did the previous year.

Dana keeps me on track and focused on my goals. She constantly reminds me of what I said I wanted. Keeping me motivated and accountable for what I say I’m going to do. Always pushing me to grow and become better today than I was yesterday.

I’m not the most organized person and systems were not my strong point. Now I can honestly say I think in terms of efficiency almost all the time. Often times I now catch myself asking “What systems can I put in place to make my day as productive and efficient as possible?” Not just at work, but even at home.

Dana provides me with up to date numbers on a weekly and monthly basis as she keeps track of them in excel (something I do not know how to use – yet).

On top of all that she is constantly looking for ways to help With ideas and brainstorming possible opportunities, connecting me with people who could be referral partners or other possible locations for my business, to making sure I make my myself, my wife and my kids a priority. It’s like she takes ownership of my business. I just renewed for another 6 months and I’ll keep renewing with Dana as long as she will allow me to.

Love having her not as just a coach and consultant, but as a member of my team.

Michael Ortiz L.M.T., Owner Massage Customs


When we first connected, I was in a period of change, feeling frustrated, stuck and not sure what to do next.

Dana and I began weekly conversations which were incredibly helpful right out of the gate. With her assistance, each week I set solid, reachable goals including not just work but personal and health goals as well. Each week before our call ended, I set a new set of weekly goals for the following week.

We have great discussions as we review those goals, discuss common pitfalls in business and personal growth issues.

Since March, I have made great strides both in my business and a new project that has come to fruition quickly. Dana has played in integral part in my moving from stuck to once again successful in getting
things jump started again. She has been a great asset not only to me but to my business.

Christina A. Beauchemin Chief Executive Officer: Clickit Digital, LLC Founder: I am Fearlessly Me


Life is so busy that we forget to do things for ourselves.

She has slowed me down enough just to open my eyes to my potential, and to find the happiness I am looking for, while keeping my business growing.

Rainy Justice, Owner and Insurance Agent Alliance Insurance Agency


When I engaged her services to help me gain clarity regarding the next phase of my career.  I was at a crossroads between continuing to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor I had been involved in for nearly two years, or to go back to a corporate career.

As you can imagine it was a difficult decision as I had invested heavily, not only monetarily, but time, in my business. Working with Dana helped me to better understand where and how I received my personal career satisfaction and where my talents were best matched.  Her clarity, ability to keep me on track and motivated helped me to define a strategy that I could then implement.

The process has not only benefitted me professionally, but personally as well.

Colleen McKenna, Vice President, Marketing Interblock – Luxury Gaming Products


She embodies a calm presence that is centered and very focused. She listens well and wraps it up with a commitment to tangible action steps that empowers you to move forward and achieve your desired goals.

I highly recommend Dana as one who can provide you with the tools necessary to take your life and business to the next level!

Rebecca David, Certified Health and Life Coach

cheryl headshot

Yesterday we had out full VIP day.  I came to you feeling overwhelmed.  I’m juggling a full time job as I develop Let’s Join Paws, so my plate is very full. Time management and mental focus are crucial. I hoped I would leave with a plan in place that I could begin to manage, and I was not disappointed. It was a very, very productive day.  We evaluated where Let’s Join Paws is right now, what’s working, what isn’t and identified all of the components we will need going forward to make us successful.  I left feeling that I had another partner invested in seeing it through to profitability, and that you would help wherever you could.  You suggested and identified key people needed for our team to meet its’ goals which, ultimately will lead to a profitable business model. This included (but was not limited to) an analysis of our website, pricing, social media campaigns, power partners, retail, accounting, advertising and SEO effectiveness. No topic was off the table.

We both believe in “constant learning” and that one continually invests in their own personal and professional growth to live out one’s true potential. I appreciated that you continue to invest in yourself. As a part of your service, you recommend daily exercises to assist in bringing out one’s best self everyday and to “stay in action”. You were willing to provide practical support in a variety of areas. It began before our day began and continues after the day is finished. It was just what I needed to get grounded and prepared for the season ahead. A day well spent.

Thank you Dana! I look forward to another one in six-twelve months where I’m funding all of this through actual revenues and we’re planning the next big phase. With your help, I can see the road ahead.

Cheryl Moss, Founder of Let's Join Paws,